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Cleanfox is a 100% free app to delete and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and spam with one click. Cleanfox is a free anti spam.
Unsubscribe from unwanted emails, newsletters and spam and delete all your old emails with one click.
Cleanfox is 100% free and safe.
With Cleanfox, you can also plant real trees by sponsoring your friends!
“With Cleanfox, you can clean your inbox and the environment. What more could you ask for?” - Androidpit
“Cleanfox is a free app, which allows you to easily unsubscribe from all unwanted email subscriptions.” - Robingood
""Cleanfox is an app that helps users unsubscribe from newsletters, and has so far “cleaned” over 30 million emails"" -
Cleanfox is a free spam blocker that helps to manage mailboxes by blocking spam and newsletters.
Cleanfox provides you with information to quickly manage your inbox (emails’ open rate, number of emails received, etc.). With this valuable information, and, for each newsletter, you can choose to:
•keep the subscription and old emails, or
•delete old emails, or
•unsubscribe and delete old emails.
Cleanfox works in english, german and french with all email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud Mail, Android Mail, Apple Mail etc.).
Cleanfox wants to reward its most loyal users with a special referral program. Each time a user sponsors a friend on Cleanfox, he can plant a tree in Sambia. Cleanfox is an official partner of WeForest to fight against deforestation in Zambia.
10 grams of CO2 is the annual carbon footprint of an email. More than 200 million emails are sent every minute. Emails are directly responsible for the emission of more than 2,000 tons of CO2 per minute!
With Cleanfox, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint with one click. So far, Cleanfox has cleaned several hundreds of millions of emails.
Cleanfox is a part of Foxintelligence, which produces and commercialises statistics on e-commerce, in order to help companies to better understand their market. By subscribing to Cleanfox, you become a part of an anonymous panel. None of your personal data is commercialised. Our technology guarantees your anonymity and respects your privacy. Cleanfox is 100% GDPR compliant.
Download Cleanfox for free now to easily block all spam and newsletters!

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